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Opening Hours

The Lunt is open to the public in the October half term | 21 - 25 October.
For school visits please go to the Learning page


024 76237575 (general enquiries)
Coventry Road, Baginton, Warwickshire, CV8 3AJ

Following in the Footsteps of Soldiers

Visiting the Lunt Fort for schools.
Duration : 2 hours.

Facilitated activities for schools

Key Stage 2

Duration: 2 hours

Our experienced staff will guide you around the Lunt fort site on an interactive tour designed specifically for school groups. The children can climb the wooden ramparts to the gateway and visit the huge circular wooden gyrus. In the granary, which houses the museum, your pupils will hear about the lives of soldiers at the fort and discover more about the nature and function of Roman armour and weapons.

Learning outcomes
Your pupils will:
• Use discussion and role play in order to learn
• Listen and respond appropriately to adults and their peers
• Develop an awareness of the past
• Develop an understanding of how aspects of national history are reflected in the locality
• Know where the people and events they study fit within a chronological framework

Curriculum links
• History

• English

If you would like to make a full day visit to the Lunt, you can add an exciting afternoon session learning Roman battle drill in the gyrus.(4 ½ hours in total)

Led by a uniformed commander, your pupils will use swords and shields to practise authentic Roman military manoeuvres. Great for letting off steam after lunch as well as experiential learning! Alternative indoor activities will be provided in the event of bad weather.

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