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Volunteers Week: John and Carl's story

Volunteering in action at the Lunt
Volunteering in action at the Lunt

To mark Volunteers Week we are sharing some of the stories and experiences from our great troupe of Volunteers.


Recently John and Carl have been a fantastic help at the Lunt Roman Fort.  

Both volunteers have already helped to clear lots of the foliage that can surround the Lunt if it is not attended to on a regular basis.  In May they assisted our Facilities Manager, Simon, to paint and protect the Granary, Gate House, storage shed and toilets.  

Simon says they have been a great help and that these buildings look completely revitalised.  At some point in the not too distant future – hopefully before the Lunt Festival this July – Simon is hoping to enlist their help in protecting the Gyrus – the circular wooden structure that was probably used to train horses in Roman times.  

Hopefully all of this activity will help to make this year’s Lunt Festival a great success. Thank John and Carl!